We commit ourselves to meet our customer requirements on-time every time by delivering cost effective solutions through continual improvement in products, processes and practices we ensure security of business and contractual information by compliance to legal, regulatory, statutory requirements and preserving availability, integrity and confidentiality of information related to our company, clients, employees and business partners

  •     To ensure on-time delivery.
  •     To deliver defect-free Products
  •     To improve customer satisfaction by on-time support & smart solutions.
  •     To contribute towards profitability by Improving Productivity.
  •     To Motivate employees & improve morale
  •     To develop State of the Art technology products meeting market expectations

We offer consulting services for defining efficient, world-class Quality Management Systems (QMS) for our software services activities of your organization. This includes

  •     Defining quality in management systems
  •     Identifying gap in current practices
  •     Map key processes, methodologies ad life cycle models
  •     Institutionalize process improvement metrics to predict future performance. We design AMTIPL QMS for our customers to benefit through
  •     Improved project planning
  •     Controlled & cost effective solutions
  •     Increased productivity, reduced cycle time