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AMIDiag® for UEFI

AMI offers the only PC hardware diagnostic solution for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). AMI Diag for UEFI operates independently from the operating system, offering great advantages to AMI customers.

The only diagnostic product designed for UEFI

  • No dependency on legacy BIOS
  • Available for IA32 and x64 UEFI environments
  • For today’s UEFI systems & next-generation products

Builds on a long history of AMIDiag products

  • Tests leverage the original AMIDiag products

Designed by a pioneer in UEFI firmware

  • AMI has shipped Aptio UEFI firmware for years

Tested against multiple UEFI implementations

AMIDiag for UEFI is available only to OEM/ODM customers. Computer manufacturers, system integrators, technical support personnel, repair technicians, design engineers and end users can use AMIDiag for UEFI effectively.

Program Features

  • Text User Interface
  • Menu driven user interface
  • Comprehensive Test flow control
  • Condensed scripted, scripted, and batch mode testing
  • Interactive or non-interactive tests
  • Quick test mode (abbreviated versions of the diagnostic tests) with additional tests
  • Single or multi-cycle batch testing
  • Test progress reporting
  • Create & view error log files for test cycles
  • Add 3rd party tests developed with the AMI Diag for UEFI SDK
  • Context Sensitive Help Engine
  • Module level parameters
  • Save and Restore of module parameters
  • Menu driven System information access
  • Customizable Report file for platform configuration
  • Easy addition of custom information

Comprehensive Set of Diagnostic Tests

AMI Diag provides comprehensive testing for all the system’s components such as DMA, IRQ, SMBIOS, Ports, Timer and Processor.

Extensive Memory Tests

  • Hard Disk, CD/DVD, FDD
  • USB
  • ACPI

A detailed set of diagnostic tests which allows for complete system and component coverage.