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Learning Management made easy

AMI LMS helps healthcare organizations to create a virtual learning portal or knowledge network for your nurses, physicians, healthcare staff etc.

Some of Learning Management System highlight features are:

  •     Centralize and automate training administration
  •     Manage users, roles, courses, instructors, facilities, and generate reports
  •     Supports Multi-languages (English, Tamil, Hindi). *Can be made available in other languages as well
  •     Supports integration of various modules - Survey Management, Employee/Customer/Partner Feedback Management System
  •     Use self-guided trainings
  •     Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly
  •     Display scores and transcripts
  •     Generate instant organizational skill competency reports
  •     Planning tools to identify skill gaps at departmental and individual level
  •     Tests can be taken from PC’s, tablets and Smartphones


  •     Sharing of valuable organizational information throughout organization is made easy.
  •     Share company documents and procedures anytime, anywhere
  •     Reduce training time for new employees
  •     Eliminate training time for existing employees
  •     Encourages the free flow of ideas which leads to insight and innovation
  •     Eliminates redundant processes, streamlines operations, and enhances employee retention rates.
  •     Leads to greater productivity.