Ultra-compact ASIC Design For high performance, low latency NVM Express™ Backplanes

The AMI MG9098 enables the world's leading enterprises system builders and data center solution providers to design low-cost, yet robust backplane solutions for NVMe based storage subsystems.

MG9098 is a low-cost, ultra-small, single-chip solution for enclosure management of new generation NVM Express™ SSD Backplanes as well as traditional SAS/SATA/NVMe backplanes for up to 8 drives. LED management utilizes SMBus from BMC & Host Hot-plug VPP Bus. A single MG9098 controller can support a combination of eight SATA, SAS or NVMe drives simultaneously, with support for up to 32 drives using four MG9098 controllers.

  •    Low-cost, true single chip solution
  •   Cascade Support for up to 32 drives
  •   Hot-plug support with Host Hot-Plug SMBus aka VPP
  •   Small QFN-64 Package(9mm X 9mm pin outline)
  •   Firmware Upgradable through SMBUS from host BMC
  •   Diagnostics and FW upgrade toolsfor most OS's


Data Sheet

AMI MG9098 Backplane Controller For NVMe/SATA/SAS Backplanes