Aptio V: ARM Benefits

AMT is a leading partner in the AARCH64 market. Working at the forefront of the industry allows AMT to make sure that as new Si vendors enter the market they are keenly aware of the features OEMs and consumers are looking for.

Not Just a BIOS

AMT's management tools can make server configuration and management infinitely easier

Perspectives = More Features

Working with multiple Si vendors and OS vendors for AARCH64 to provide a full featured product

Reuse, Recycle

ARM projects use the same eModules as x86 projects - so non-x86 OEM code can be repurposed

Enabling Visibility

Close collaboration with ARM Si vendors to develop next-generation RAS implementations

Benefits of Experience

The benefits of AMT's long relationships with top silicon and OEM partners pass along to each Aptio customer

Common Core

Across all market segments including server, embedded, tablet and client platforms

Multi-platform Support

For x86 / non-x86 systems, Windows® and Linux® environments

Modular Architecture

Drop in eModules for custom features on top of the common BIOS core