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BIOS Firmware Based on the UEFI Specification

Aptio® represents AMI's first evolution from Legacy BIOS firmware solutions, based on the UEFI Specifications and the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI. Aptio is specifically designed to address issues of firmware portability and extensibility to future platforms that arose during the industry migration to 64-bit platforms over recent years.

Along with silicon enabling components, Aptio can be expanded using a variety of drivers, development tools, support utilities and pre-boot application solutions, including:

Key Aptio V Features

  •     Visual eBIOS (VeB)
  •     AMI Debug for UEFI
  •     AMI Flash Utility (AFU)
  •     Change Logo Utility
  •     AMIBCP BIOS Configuration Program
  •     MMTool ROM Management Tool
  •     DMIEdit SMBIOS Data Management Tool
  •     AMISDE Setup Date Export Tool
  •     AMISLP SLP Insertion Tool
  •     AMISCE NRAM Variable Update Tool
  •     AMIUCP Flash Utility Customization Tool

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