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Modular BIOS for All of Today's Platforms

AMIBIOS8 is modular BIOS designed to address all aspects of today's market: desktop, mobile, server, embedded & ultra mobile computing. Thanks to its flexible architecture, AMIBIOS8 is ideal for embedded platforms, easily blending features from these different platform segments.

It is built around Visual eBIOS (VeB), the innovative development environment designed specifically for BIOS porting. Since 2001, VeB has simplified BIOS development by removing the typical barriers of the command line environment. AMIBIOS8 also comes with a wealth of OEM/ODM utilities and offers a small footprint, fast boot times, efficient power management and support for a wide set of features.

  •     Flash utilities for multiple operating systems

  •     AMIBCP, MMTool & Change Logo for ROM image maintenance

  •     DMIEDIT for SMIBIOS data in manufacturing

  •     Power Management for ACPI, Embedded Controller, Intel® SpeedStep®, AMD PowerNOW!, Cool n’Quiet

  •     BBS Boot Options including SATA, IDE, USB, LAN, Floppy

  •     Trust and Security: TCG/TPM, Intel TXT

  •     Virtualization support for Intel VT, AMD-V™

  •     Platform Management: Intel vPro™, Intel AMT, IPMI, SMBIOS, ASF, Serial Console Redirection

  •     Expansion Bus: USB, PCI, PCI-X, PCIe, ExpressCard

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