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‘Vehicle tracking made easy’

AMI- Vehicle Tracking System, is a robust solution that provides efficient GPS tracking for a wide range of segments like Logistics, Transportation, BPO/IT/ITES, Educational institutions, Health care, Solid Waste Management, etc. GPS based tracking solution is an innovative technology which enables to remotely track or monitor the location and various vehicle parameters at any given point of time. The location information can then be accessed from a central location through a website or a mobile phone.

AMI-VTS helps to plan alerts and set destination route, get customized reports for any specified date and time, monitor and track in real-time through GIS map. with your fleet in control, the increase in organizational efficiency and productivity is inevitable.

AMI-VTS can be used to successfully track vehicles from segments like:

  •     Goods Carrier Companies
  •     BPO vehicles
  •     Radio Taxis
  •     Schools, Commercial Buses and City Transportation
  •     Car Rental and Leasing Companies
  •     Refrigerated Vehicles
  •     Oil Tankers
  •     Infrastructure and Construction Companies
  •     Company Owned Vehicles