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‘Bin tracking made easy’

AMI’s Bin Tracking Solution is a customized GPS based solution which addresses some of the challenges faced by the municipal corporations / civic amenities in Solid Waste collection.

The solution equips the authorities to monitor, track as well as plan their day by day operations in a better way. Moreover this solution ensures the collection of waste from all predefined points and any point missed out will be automatically indicated and any unattended indications escalated to higher authorities. Thereby this solution ensures a better and cleaner city / town.

ATS comes with the following features:

  •     Monitor the movement of vehicle carrying the bins
  •     Shortest route identification to landfill / dumping site
  •     Bin pick up status (such as bins picked up/served on not picked up/served in real time)
  •     Avail MIS for effective planning of resources, schedule & unforeseen events
  •     Achieve greater transparency in the civic administration
  •     Reduce the unwanted trips/detours/stoppages and enhance the productivity/utilization of the fleet