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Ambulance tracking made easy

Ambulance Tracking System (ATS) is a specialized GPS tracking solution aimed at the efficient management of Ambulance fleet.

This solution focus to make the ambulance available to a needy patient in the shortest possible time by redirecting the ambulance from a nearby location and in a shorter path, than the conventional way of sending the ambulance all the way from hospital to a critical spot.

ATS comes with the following features:

  •     Live tracking and status information of all available ambulances in a map which helps for quick redirection of the ambulance to a critical spot
  •     Remote Medical Assistance from doctors / medical staff on emergencies via dedicated SOS button and two way voice communication
  •     Helps hospital authorities to predict the arrival time of emergency cases and to do prior preparations
  •     Provision for live data transfer between hospital and the medical monitoring equipment's installed in the ambulance
  •     Better management and accountability of ambulance operations
  •     Optional biometric sensor for driver