Your partner for real-time tracking of vehicles, assets and people anytime, anywhere

Companies of all sizes invest a lot of time, energy and focus into solutions and technologies used to gather and analyze data and produce easy-to-understand information about their operations. Understanding the needs of the industry we have introduced telematics solutions for tracking anything, anytime, anywhere.

AMI- Telematics solution lets you see real-time locations, speed, and headings of your children/family members or cars/vehicles, and receive email or SMS alerts when they move across the designated areas or exceeds speed limit. Vehicle owners, parents, delivery, transportation, trucking, mobile service companies, private investigators and many others can benefit from our Telematics Solutions

The range of solutions we provide for various industries is mentioned below:

  •     Vehicle Tracking (Car, Ship, Pickup)
  •     Fleet management (Bus, Truck)
  •     Asset Tracking (Heavy Equipment, Vending machines)
  •     Field Service Solution (Manufacturing, Retail)
  •     Dispatch & Delivery management (Waste/Bin collection, Supply chain)

Ambulance Tracking

Ambulance Tracking System (ATS) is a specialized GPS tracking solution aimed at the efficient management

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Bin Tracking

AMI’s Bin Tracking Solution is a customized GPS based solution which addresses some of the challenges faced by the

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Passanger Tracking

AMI has put in enormous efforts in understanding the passenger and employee transportation complexities faced by Transport

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RFID Based Asset Tracking

AMI- Asset Tracking system provides companies complete control over their assets by giving real time status of where the assets

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Student Tracking

AMI provides a custom GPS Tracking Solution designed for educational institutions. The solution is primarily focused at enhancing

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Vehicle Tracking

AMI- Vehicle Tracking System, is a robust solution that provides efficient GPS tracking for a wide range of segments like Logistics,

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