SnapVDI was engineered to provide the best user experience in the industry. High fidelity performance comes standard with SnapVDI, and the virtual desktops can be booted up in mere seconds. The VDI solution requires only a simple infrastructure to run, as all the virtual machines can operate in a 1 GB network. In other words, it will work in your existing infrastructure. Not only do you avoid the hassle of reworking your entire office space with complex storage and backend infrastructure, but the entire VDI will be up and running in just a few hours. Organizations will also significantly cut electricity, as SnapVDI thin clients use just 5-7 W of power. Finally, manageability software is built into the solution, so administrators can install, upgrade and refresh hundreds of nodes from one central, remote location. SnapVDI SPARK


The brain of the SnapVDI architecture, SnapVDI Spark provides intelligent caching and storage with high fidelity. Spark also enables a seamless user experience with on-the-fly backup and recovery built in. This layer of SnapVDI empowers Remote Desktop Services, giving users an experience identical to that of a local desktop. SnapVDI Spark is designed for scalability and performance with minimal downtime. In fact, all components of the VDI system can be booted up in seconds.

SnapVDI SPARK Features

Faster than a Desktop

Entire VDI boots up in seconds


Instant application launch and access

Seamless user experience

VM Pool Creation, deployment and management


90% less storage required than a typical VDI solution

Quick Deployment

Faster VM provisioning and cloning


Intelligent, on-the-fly backup and disaster recovery built-in


Designed for scalability and performance


Improved productivity with less down time


10x more desktops per configuration

SnapVDI Manager

SnapVDI Manager is a centralized management software that aids in managing the entire VDI solution. Using this software, an administrator can monitor, manage and provision all VDI components - including VM pool creation, deletion, modification, provisioning and management of users, storage, thin clients and inventory - all from a central, remote location. Additionally, SnapVDI Manager enables the administrator to build a private cloud environment to greatly increase the utility and cost-effectiveness of the VDI solution.

SnapVDI Manager Features

Simplified and Unified Management

Single-pane access to manage entire VDI

Client Management

Zero Client management and provisioning

VM Management

VM Pool Creation, deployment and management


OS provisioning, remote software installation and patch management


Desktop template creation


User, event and report management


Build private cloud environment


Infrastructure management

For more information, download the SnapVDI Manager Data Sheet