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Device drivers are critical software components that transform complex hardware implementation details into simple software interfaces. Well-designed device drivers simplify user program logic and increase system security without compromising stability or limiting the user programs from accomplishing real work.

Studies reveal, OS crashes are predominantly caused by poorly-written device driver code*:

Windows XP, drivers account for 85% of the reported failures.

In the Linux kernel 2.4.1 device driver code accounts for about 70% of the code size.

For driver validation, AMT uses a range of advanced tools and systematic methods depending on the hardware as well as the targeted operating systems. Our validation services team helps organizations to validate the device drivers for both standard as well as custom devices, for major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android or real time operating systems (RTOS).

The tools used include both in-house developed tools as well as third party tools like:

  •     Customized AMT Universal Test Assistant
  •     Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK)
  •     Linux Driver Validation tools

Apart from the standard tools any custom simulators or emulators is developed / procured as required in specifications. Irrespective of whether it is a new driver or an enhancement to an existing driver, AMT validates its functionality, reliability and compatibility.

AMT uses systematic standard validation and verification methodologies and follow a standard project cycle for the testing of drivers. The project may go in iterative cycles, till the driver is perfected for certification and commercial use. In each cycle, a detailed bugs and performance reports will be shared with the customer.

AMT uses a combination of the following methodologies for validation:

  •     Static Analysis
  •     Algorithmic Analysis
  •     Run time Analysis (manual or automated)
  •     Crash dump analysis
  •     Code Coverage Analysis

Supported Operating Systems

  •      Windows 8/7/XP
  •     Linux
  •      Android