AMT with its rich history of over 25 yrs. of creating high-end technology solutions to the global marketplace offers advanced Embedded Android services along with developing turnkey Android applications.

Our Android division offers the following services

  •   Base porting of Android

  •   Android Middleware Layer

  •   Android Application services.

  •   AMT’s support for android based devices ranges from handheld media player, digital videos, infotainment devices, medical devices, around the home electronic appliances to industrial applications, etc.

The Android Group of American Megatrends Technologies also addresses development of custom board ports and drivers along with customization of the application framework. Additional support is available leveraging AMT’s embedded expertise and experience to support device developers throughout their entire product life cycle, from product requirements all the way through deployment, with complete Android services, including

  •   Base porting of Android to target platforms including device drivers development / customization / integration services and development of board support packages (BSP)

  •   Support for phone / tablet commercialization including power management, multimedia integration, performance benchmarking & optimization, 3rd party apps integration and product testing.

  •   Development and porting of different middleware stacks like DLNA/UPnP, etc.

  •   Application development in telematics, health care, retail or for deployment via android market.

High quality reproducible code is created to deploy Android into multiple application domains.