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BIOS validation is one of the key processes for engineering, who wish to bring out tough and future proof products to the market. Understanding the need of the industry our platform validation team provides a comprehensive validation lifecycle service, from risk/impact assessment to validation master planning, protocol generation, hands-on execution through to final release for use.

With years of testing experience and being a leader in the industry for BIOS, Platform Validation Service ' guarantees a fault-proof testing service, that can help companies to be 100% sure of their products' quality before launching it in the market.

Being industry pioneers in BIOS market, AMI has the expertise to validate the BIOS specifications and functionalities, for any BIOS in the industry. Following is a list of aspects validated during the BIOS validation process:

  •   BIOS Boot Flow
  •   Boot to Different Operating System
  •   Memory Management
  •   Processor Features
  •   Chipset Features
  •   Bus Drivers (I2C, UART, PCI etc)
  •   Power Management & Thermal Performance
  •   System Security
  •   OEM Features
  •   General Product Functional Requirements

AMI uses the proven BIOS development environment and a mature validation framework with 1000s of BIOS specific test cases for BIOS validation. The high level process followed by AMI is as follows:

  •   Requirement analysis & System specification study
  •   Define test strategy and develop BIOS validation and verification plan
  •   Prepare / pullout specific test cases & prepare automation scripts
  •   Setup testing environment
  •   Execution of validation cycles
  •   Report results - bugs, performance issues and unique defects