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MegaRAC® TUFMAN™ (Test Utility Framework for Management Standards) is a rich cross-platform framework for automated testing of MegaRAC-based management software compliant with the latest DMTF standards, including CIM Profiles, SMASH/CLP and WS-Management.

TUFMAN™ provides a unique and all-inclusive set of test services, ranging from conformity testing to validation of actual use case implementations. TUFMAN™ is a tremendous asset to management software testers and developers alike. Its detailed feedback based on accurate DMTF standards information will foster rapid testing and debugging in parallel with development, to help speed time to market.

Easy to install and use, the TUFMAN™ framework is a Mozilla Firefox plug-in that can seamlessly incorporate additional plug-ins for the testing of new and upcoming DMTF technology. Multiple wizards and extensive scripting capability assist and guide test developers in test case generation and management of flexible automated Test Passes that can be grouped and executed in batch mode. Additionally, rich script libraries provide an invaluable reference resource, and an accurate online help module supports the tester at every step of the way.


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