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AMT's MegaRAC Service Processor (SP) firmware stack combines the functionality of a Service Processor and of a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC). Three out of the top five server vendors and many other developers selected this product for its performance and flexibility.

Our fourth generation of (SP) firmware for System-on Chips (SoC), the MegaRAC® SP-X, represents a leap forward in the field of firmware for server management.

Firmware architecture becomes truly modular in SP-X, which helps more efficient and streamlined management of OEMs’ Development Supply Chain.

Designed as an extensible management framework, MegaRAC SP is organized in four main modules:

  •   Remote KVM - AMT's KVM technology provides high-speed, high-quality video redirection. Remote control of keyboard, video and mouse is based on AMT's patented Video compression and redirection technology. The remote administrator's management experience is as clear and smooth as actually being there, even if he is located at thousands of mile distance.

  •   Virtual Media - vMedia enables software installation from a remote location at any time, including in case of "bare-metal" Hardware State. MegaRAC-SP|core2 redirects CD/DVD, HDD, Floppy or USB-Key based storage to the managed server by emulating a local storage. The vMedia server supports USB 2.0 (480MBits) for fast device redirection (up to 18X CDROM).

  •   IPMI - MegaRAC SP is built on a robust IPMI 2.0 firmware stack providing system health monitoring, Serial over LAN system access, alerts and event generation with power commands and reset.

  •   DMTF Standards - MegaRAC SP supports the latest DMTF management standards including the Common Information Model (CIM), WBEM web Services with CIMOM architecture, SMASH/CLP for Command Line Interface and WSMAN Web Services.

MegaRAC® SP-X is complemented by a revolutionary development environment that offers unprecedented ease in server platform design and porting. MegaRAC® Development Studio (MDS) effectively shortens the development cycle by utilizing a GUI based mechanism to add support for new devices and a vast hardware device library. A rich set of tools also aids in the generation of a customized stack, depending upon the specific features licensed within MegaRAC® SP-X.

MegaRAC® SP - Service Processor Solution

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