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Development Environment for System Management

MegaRAC® Development Studio (DS) is a revolutionary Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that includes powerful tools for platform porting of servers to integrate the latest generation of Service Processors. Structured as a set of Eclipse plug-ins compliant with the CIM model, DS is utilized for the development and customization of the platform management structure and visual interface.

MegaRAC DS supports the powerful, highly modular MegaRAC SP-X core, allowing developers to edit, debug, and test individual firmware modules. It also features a plug-in licensing model through which only a few, none, or all the supported features can be selected. This structure allows the firmware to be configured according to the licensed features in the SP-X core on any given project. The DS licensing model is supported at the level of both source and binary-only features.

Key Aptio V Features

  •   Plug-in modules for: Web Development (WDP) / PMCP / CIM SDK / SMASH / XMS Studio / SP-X Project Configurator / SP-X Builder / SP-X Package Creator / SVN SPX / PMCP Simulator

  •   WDP webpage generator automatically creates HTML and CSS style files

  •   Easy graphical layout of platform sensors with IPMI PDK plug-in

  •   SMASH CLP configuration via SMASH plug-in editor and wizards

  •   Supports embedded development, debug, and test environment configuration

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