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AMT's IPMI Firmware Solution provides an integrated server management solution, which can be incorporated in to any motherboard. AMT's IPMI Firmware is the answer to the industry's demand of high availability for low-cost servers. System administrators can remotely control a server system even when it is in a non-operational state, while performing a series of critical functions:

  •     View and set thresholds for individual health parameters such as voltages, temperatures, fans and monitoring of the chassis subsystems

  •     Management of sensors and Field Replaceable Units (FRU)

  •     Remote Control of the motherboard (for example, power cycle, reset and power down)

  •     Auto Server Recovery by setting a watchdog timer so that in the event of an operating system or hardware lock up, the motherboard can automatically reboot

  •     Remotely launch diagnostic/recovery services

AMT's IPMI firmware solution is developed on a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)that can easily be ported on to different chips.


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