MegaRAC Remote Management Firmware / Software Solutions

AMT's MegaRAC product family is a leader in lights-out health monitoring and remote access management with a rich OEM offering of modular firmware solutions for integrated Service Processors. In fact, three out of the top five server vendors have adopted our MegaRAC Service Processor solution. AMT's product range also includes IPMI Platform Management and ATCA and blade server firmware, as well as end-user PCI cards and embedded KVM cards.

Well known within the industry for its creativity and ingenuity, AMT builds on its position as an active participant in the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) to pioneer development of advanced firmware and software solutions that implement today the management technologies of tomorrow. MegaRAC modular firmware solutions are compliant with advanced standards such as the Common Information Model (CIM), Web Services for Management (WSMAN), SMASH Command Line Protocol (SMASH CLP) and Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI).