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Portable, Integrated IPMI Server Management

AMI's MegaRAC® CMM Chassis Management Module is a hardware/software controller module that is easily integrated into any blade server chassis, particularly those that are Server Systems Infrastructure (SSI) compliant. It is one of the base hardware platforms from AMI that can be customized and extended for specific remote management needs via MegaRAC Development Studio (MDS).

The MegaRAC CMM module manages the following components within the blade server chassis:

  •     Compute Blades (aka Server Blades)
  •     I/O Switches
  •     I/O Specific Modules
  •     I/O Fan Modules
  •     I/O System Modules
  •     Power Supply Modules

The MegaRAC CMM utilizes the Base Management Interface (BMI) and/or Ethernet to communicate with and monitor the compute blades. The BMI, defined by the Open Blade System Management Specification (OBSM), is also utilized for initial blade discovery and configuration.

The MegaRAC CMM module communicates with the Baseboard Management Controllers (BMCs) located on each compute blade within the chassis for complete remote management capabilities, enabling full control over blade state, power and thermal management, blade initiation and remote presence.


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