Simple, Fast, Coding-Free Cloud-Based Development Environment for IoT Devices

IoTbrix is a cloud-based firmware development environment for IoT from American Megatrends. The IoT hardware(s) and its logical operations are represented as UI components. Users has to represent their hardware connections and logical operations by dragging and dropping components. The IoTbrix will generate firmware based on it. It provides an easy way for the users to generate their product firmwares without spending much time on going through hardware specifications rather than working on logical functions.


  •    Built-in Data Filters
    • Data Filters in IoTbrix such as Moving Average, Kalman, Change Band, Dead Band, Exponential, Latch, Least Squares and Spike are greatly helpful to filter out data.
    • Users can monitor live data from their hardware kits with Profilers in IoTbrix and it can be configured for any specific period and any source.
  •    Support for Cloud services
    • IoTbrix does have readily available packages in place for IoT Cloud services such as AWS IoT, Oracle IoT & etc.,
  •    Support for Sensor fusion/Synthetic sensors
    • IoTbrix does have packages for Synthetic sensors too.
  •    Agility
    • IoTbrix users can easily adapt and evolve the requirement changes of your projects at any stage just by making changes in Physical and Logical layout in IoTbrix.


  •    Obsolete worries about Toolchain
    • IoTbrix users no need to worry about compilers and build tools for firmware development. All you need a web browser!
  •    Cost effective on build environment
    • Having said that, All you need a web browser to get the firmware for your IoT product, you really no need to spend on firmware development and build environment infrastructure.
  •    Dedicated domain for your business/product need
    • We can offer a separate, dedicated IoTbrix portal for your firmware development at your wish by subdomains where your privileged users only can access and work on your projects.
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