Internet of Things – Connecting the world

The IoT Platform enables users to connect, create, analyze and experience "things" in new ways. It is a connected world and 50Billion connections are expected to be established by 2020.

Regardless of who you talk to, everybody agrees that the IoT will be the next big “thing”. As connectivity has become ubiquitous and the cost of hardware has decreased, the appeal of creating connected devices has grown. However, while some organizations have started to create tremendous value from the IoT, data shows that many of organizations are still struggling to get started. IDC research found that while 66% of Discrete Manufacturers and 67% of Process Manufacturers are actively pursuing IoT initiatives, less than half (40%) of those Discrete Manufacturers and only about half (55%) of those Process Manufacturers have even begun a pilot.

The IoT is where embedded computing, MEMs, broadband and mobile networking, the highest level of distributed cloud computing, advanced distributed database architectures, cutting edge web and mobile user interfaces, and deep enterprise integrations converge.

Build on what you have

Remove complexity and develop IoT applications and solutions without limits. Our Internet of Things team can help you to accelerate deployment through the implementation of next-generation technology.

Get started quickly – Strategy & Consulting

Deploy solutions quickly to meet the needs of the market on time- cloud, mobile, on-premise and embedded options all under one roof. Work with our Internet of Things team to develop a strategy plan to achieve your enterprise business goals.

Technology you need

Whether you want to transform your business by connecting and analyzing the data or build new intelligent devices which includes small gateways to powerful machinery devices we have solution for you. Automate business processes to accelerate the speed of your company.

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AMI is the trusted partner of many OEM’s and Fortune companies worldwide. We are specialty leaders in Embedded Services, BIOS Customization & Porting, Mobility Solutions, IP SAN/NAS Data storage solutions, Infrastructure Asset Management, Telematics Solutions, Knowledge Management System, Healthcare IT solutions, Platform Validation Services and Android Services.