B.O.L.T- Pulse Oximeter (SpO2)

B.O.L.T SpO2 is a small, clip-like device designed for non-invasive spot-check or continuous short-term monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate for the user in a home, hospital or clinical environment.

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B.O.L.T One-touch wireless health monitor

Blood pressure is measured by two numbers: the top number is the systolic pressure (when the heart is pumping blood) and the bottom number is the diastolic pressure (when the heart is at rest).

A normal blood pressure number is below 120/80. Prehypertension is diagnosed between 120/80 – 139/89, Stage 1 hypertension is between 140/90 – 159/99, and Stage 2 hypertension is blood pressure above 160/100. Low BP measures between 90/60. Low blood pressure can be a matter of concern especially to the elderly where it may cause inadequate blood flow to the heart, brain, and other vital organs.

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B.O.L.T ECG monitor

The Wireless BOLT ECG device is compact and portable that monitors your heart condition.

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IoTbrix Development studio

We are happy to announce that our development studio is set to open now!.

We request you to create an account at iotbrix.com , login to the development studio and explore the new way of building firmware for your IoT devices and projects.

The startup resources such as knowledge base articles, FAQs, and Help videos are set ready for you at our Support portal and YouTube Channel.

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B.O.L.T spirometer is a device that can measure the condition of your lungs, by measuring the flow and volume of air inhaled and exhaled forcefully. To take a spirometry test, simply fix the turbine (consumable) to the Spirometer, launch the B.O.L.T app on your mobile device and follow along as the app guides you through the test with easy-to-follow instructions. This medical device records the amount of air you breathe-in and out and the speed at which you do so, and displays the various spirometry parameters.

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SnapVDI TM is a complete, scalable, all-in-one VDI solution that delivers a high-fidelity user experience through an intelligent VDI accelerator. SnapVDI Manager™ (SVM) is a management solution that provides secure remote manageability for SnapVDI, allowing an administrator to centrally monitor, manage and provision all SnapVDI components. Deployment of virtual desktops is made easy with SVM’s rich, intuitive web interface, enabling IT departments to centrally deliver desktop services within a managed private cloud. It also consists of a set of tools that ease the administrator to manage and maintain the solution for secure, reliable and improved performance.

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IoTbrix is a cloud-based firmware development environment for IoT from American Megatrends

IoTbrix is a cloud-based firmware development environment for IoT from American Megatrends. The IoT hardware(s) and its logical operations are represented as UI components. Users has to represent their hardware connections and logical operations by dragging and dropping components. The IoTbrix will generate firmware based on it. It provides an easy way for the users to generate their product firmwares without spending much time on going through hardware specifications rather than working on logical functions.

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