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Legacy To Cloud App Migration

Cloud computing is a recognized game-changing technologies for a cost-efficient and reliable service delivery. The challenge faced by industry today is that, the organizations legacy systems are difficult to reuse due to platform, documentation and architecture obsolescence.

Many companies continue to have queries on having their infrastructure or applications deployed on a cloud computing architecture; despite the proven savings and business advantages cloud computing can provide them.

Understanding the need of the industry, AMI has come up with legacy to cloud migration. Our focus is to create a comprehensive migration & modernization solution for moving applications from a client/server environment to .NET and HTML5 Web, Cloud or Mobile environment. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of legacy software yearning to breathe free, and we will move that functionality into the cloud, so it may perform anew for amazed customers.

Benefits of migrating legacy to Cloud are:

  •     Improve data center economics - Get greater return on already-installed computing resources (via virtualized private clouds) by eliminating idle CPU time
  •     Deploy applications faster – Provisioning private or public cloud resources eliminates the weeks or months it often takes to select, purchase, install and configure new data center resources.
  •     Agility: The cloud model keeps your business more agile over the lifetime of the app.
  •     Focus: Deploying apps to the cloud lets you focus on higher-value activities.