American Megatrends (AMI) is an established business player in Embedded Services. AMI has rich experience in designing and developing IoT products and solutions. The key piece of IoT/big data solution requires the data from varied IoT devices and various sources are to be stored in cloud NoSQL database (Big data store) running across nodes for data analytics and data mining. The cloud NoSQL data store forms the fundamental block for data access to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL).

In the age of AI, cybersecurity plays a major role and it is important to implement security measures based on protocols and methods to ensure only authorized and authenticated communications are allowed between the provider and consumer. Also, a self-contained application binary can be easily deployed in the Docker-based container for enhanced security.

In typical a cloud web application, the basic functionalities of authentication, authorization, security, database and package deployment operations almost remain the same. In addition to basic functionalities, the web application has to provide API support to gather, store and provide access to application-specific data. It is a common standard to have light-weight REST and JSON based communication to enable developers to use the framework functionalities across varied platforms.

In order to simplify the web application development, AMI has developed AMI Cloud framework that would by default support basic functionalities and allow developers to perform CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations on application specific data using extended APIs.


AMI Cloud SDK standalone deployable package has following features:
  •      Provider/Consumer communication based on REST and JSON
  •      Secured REST communications with JWT security
  •      Instant registration with two-factor authentication
  •      User Authentication and Authorization
  •      Role & Privilege based access to resources
  •       REST based calls to support:
    •       Registration
    •       User Management - Edit Profile (for Self and Others based on Privilege)
    •       Login/Logout
    •       Forgot Password
    •       Provide data access to perform the following for Self and others based on privilege
    •       Create Table
    •       Drop Table
    •       Create Index
    •       Drop Index
    •       Insert
    •       Update
    •       Delete
    •       Truncate
    •       Select
    •       Create UserType
    •       Drop UserType
  •       Troubleshooting/debug routines
  •       License Module for Framework


AMI Cloud Framework has the following functionalities and is built on a modular architecture.

  •       Authentication and Authorization Layer
  •       Profile Management
  •       Application Data Management

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